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This kid as Jonathan Holder for Halloween might be the best MSU-themed costume

Well done to this boy's mom and dad.


You can try all you want, inspired parents out there, but you probably won't top the MSU-themed Halloween costume:

Not only did the parents get this young man a Holder jersey, they even applied the tattoos (with magic marker I assume, although SUPER HARDCORE if y'all went for the real thing*) just like our beloved closer has as well.  If this kid was sporting a Kenny Powers style wig, then I'd probably do a double take and think that was Jonathan's son, but still, the kid has a magnificent, flowing head of hair, much like the real Holder does, so 9.5/10 on getting the hair down pat.

[h/t MSU Baseball]

*I was kidding yes I know those aren't real tattoos y'all