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MSU center Dillon Day drives Lamborghini, is adult film star according to the Internet

We found out a few things we didn't know about Dillon Day today (or not).

Spruce Derden-US PRESSWIRE

Thanks to his colorful tattoos, hair, moped, Vine account, and his consistent play since he came to Starkville, almost every MSU fan knows who MSU center Dillon Day is.

But what you may not have known* about Dillon is that he drives a Lamborghini, and also moonlights as an adult film star.

Wait, what?

On the first charge, Deadspin received this picture from a reader this week that the tipster alleged was Dillon Day, driving a $150,000 car in the St. Louis area:

MSU Lamboghini

One look at the picture though and State fans know that is not Dillon.  According to Bob Carskadon, that IS a former MSU player however: former walk-on Daniel Parker.

THEN, after that Dillon Day-related mystery was solved, James Carskadon passed along this nugget of info: Google things Dillon is, ah, an "adult film" star.  See:

Who knew that Dillon had time to go to school, snap the ball to MSU QB's, drive a Lamborghini in another city while being in Memphis, AND film naughty movies.  What a busy young man!

Let this be lesson #4,542,143,135,653 that everything you read on the Internet isn't always true.

[Lamborghini picture via Deadspin]