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MSU's football freshmen turn in a very nice pool alley-alley-alley-alley oop

7.5 for execution, 8 for the finish, 9 for originality (using football, is on actual football team)

Tonight was evidently the night that all the MSU football players hung out with their respective coaches to relax and have fun before football practice gears up next week. The safeties went to BWW's with Coach Hughes, it looks like the LBs hung out with Coach Collins, and all of the Bulldog freshmen went to Coach Mullen's house for a pool party.

In case you didn't know, the latest in the line of internet trends (harlem shake, et al.) is the pool combination alley oop. We've seen some pretty impressive ones so far, and this one from the MSU football freshman was not to shabby either:

Let's go to our celebrity judge for his thoughts:

Execution: [Judge Franck from Father of the Bride] Hello George! I thought this was a beauziful combination dunk, from the initial toss all za way to the finish. I mean, the man that started it was holding za baby! He was holding za baby, George. Extra points because I'm still so excited about tha royal baby.

Finish: As for the finish, I thought it was pretty good as well, you know?! The fact that he's is falling away from ze rim yet can still finish the dunk shows a true athleticism that I know coach Mullen willz enjoy while he is on campus!

Originality: They are dunking za football George! How much more original can it get?! You z-ee, they are football players playing basketball dunking a football! I just laugh and laugh and laugh when I thinks about it, George.