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And the award for best dancing at an intersection near your moped goes to Dillon Day

You may be hard pressed to find a center in college football that's as talented on the field and entertaining off of it than MSU's Dillon Day.

I'm going to be honest: I've struggled through this summer. Whether it's the recent wave of sweltering heat or the pain in my side knowing that football is still so far away, this summer -- after baseball ended -- has seemed to really drag on forever. Fortunately though, we have things like Dillon Day's twitter/Vine accounts to entertain us.

If you haven't already heard, Dillon is as hilarious as he is good on the field. The junior MSU center's social media accounts have already given us Tyler Russell's prison tattoo, Caught Snapchatting, and many more bits of entertainment that have the days a bit more bearable leading up to football season.

I typically catch Day's antics on Twitter, but apparently last month, I missed a pretty good one. I had been told by several people that Dillon rides a moped on campus, but had never seen visual proof. Well, not only do we get visual proof of it here, we get to see one of the better centers in the SEC -- tattoo sleeves and all -- dance at the intersection of 182 and Old West Point Road.

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That's not something you see everyday in a college town.