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Some of the great submissions for MSU's Davis Wade Stadium banner design contest

MSU announced a few days ago that it would let fans design banners to be hung on the west side of Davis Wade Stadium, and some of the early submissions have been pretty great.

Mississippi State University |

Call Scott Stricklin whatever you want, but you better make sure that what you call him includes the word innovative. In Scott's time as AD we've seen MSU be the first to paint a hashtag in the endzone, allow fans to give in-depth input in the design and planning process for Dudy Noble Field improvements, and allow fans to call plays in the second half of the Troy game. Okay, so one of those isn't exactly true, but the point remains -- Stricklin is willing let fans be involved.

With that in mind, we should not have been surprised when the school announced earlier this week that it would allow fans to design banners that will be hung on the west side of Davis Wade Stadium for the 2014 season. The time-frame for submissions was short, but the idea of opening the design up was intriguing, and many of us became interested in seeing what kind of submissions would come in. Over the past several days, following that call for ideas, we've seen lots of banners submitted via Twitter and other social media, and some of them -- actually a lot of them -- have been pretty good. While I can't include all of them, here are a few that did catch my eye:

And last but certainly not least, there's my favorite so far: