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Throwback Thursday: MSU great John Bond rocks Wayfarers under his helmet at '93 alumni game

This may be the chillest picture of a Mississippi State quarterback that I've ever seen.

Thanks to Alden Thornhill who sent this my way today, because this may be the coolest/chillest picture I've ever seen of an MSU QB, or of any QB for that matter.  Behold, here's former MSU great John Bond rocking Wayfarers UNDER HIS HELMET DURING THE GAME like a boss:

Bond always looked to me like a chill guy in pictures, and this classic shot from the 1993 spring alumni game on Super Bulldog Weekend just seems to back that up.

For those who don't know who Bond is, he laced it up in the early 80s at QB for MSU and racked up some pretty amazing numbers in his four years on campus. Bond finished 5th all-time in passing yardage (4,621 yards), 4th all-time in rushing (2,280 yards), 2nd all-time to Don Smith in total offense (6,901 yards), 3rd in TDs responsible for (42), and first all-time in SUNGLASSES PER SNAP in a spring game.