Reasons Why Louisiana Lafayette is the Worst

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It’s in Lafayette, LA. I don’t know much about Lafayette. But a trip to Trip Advisor will show you all of the hot spots around town. The number one thing to do (according to Trip Advisor) is to visit Lake Martin Rookery. Neato! Rounding out the top 5 is a church, a historical walking area, a cultural center, and historical/heritage tours. Sounds like a blast.

I’ve had family that used to live in Lafayette...and they did not enjoy their time there. I wanted to put that as delicately as possible. I will say they did enjoy the food. They went down there thinking ketchup was hot. A few years later they’re dousing everything with hot sauce. Maybe they didn’t like Lafayette because they lived in a trailer. Yes, I’ve had family that lived in a trailer. Now, I don’t want to bash Lafayette but this is my personal story so you can come at me if you want.

The official school colors are Vermilion and White. I guess I’m not as cultured as the fine people in Louisiana because I had to look up “vermilion.” It is red.

They are in the Sun Belt Conference. The Sun Belt Conference has been a thorn in Mississippi State’s side for a while now. We all now what happened in 2016 with South Alabama. Troy has played the Bulldogs close a few times. If Mississippi State ever had to play Appalachian State I know it would be closer than we want. Why does MSU continually agree to play these crappy games at Troy and South Alabama? You don’t see LSU or Alabama doing it. Why are we? SEC teams should not play at Sun Belt teams ever.

Richard Simmons attended LA - Lafayette. Simmons did not graduate from Louisiana - Lafayette but he did attend classes. Lafayette was too boring for Richard and his tastes so he packed up his bags and took his talents to Tallahassee and Florida State.

Photo by Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images

Their on campus food leaves a bad taste in your mouth. The cafeteria is supposedly straight up nasty. This revelation is from a former student. Mississippi State’s cafeteria is awesome. I’m a little ashamed but the first time I tried fried okra was in the Perry. It changed my life.

The unofficial mascot is “Cayenne” the anthropomorphic cayenne pepper. He is terrifying. I’m not sure how the children of Lafayette sleep at night. I envision Cayenne as a Freddy Krueger type monster. He haunts people in their dreams.

Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Hail State Always


This series is becoming a nice addition to FWTCBT

Well done.

OK, this is going to be a thing! Well, I’m with Mike.

If we ever do play them down there (which wouldn’t be a bad recruiting move at all – why do y’all think think we agree to play South in Mobile?) and you’ve never been there, then you should, 1. Visit Avery Island. It’s where Tabasco comes from, and, 2. Eat at Prejean’s.

These are the two most absolutely touristy things a North Mississippian could possibly do in Lafayette, LA, but for someone who’s never been there, that’s sort of the point.

Next year's return trip is in New Orleans at the Superdome

Thank goodness. I don’t mind the kind of return trips where we play somewhere that actually benefits us, but we don’t need to go back to Murfreesboro, Troy, or Mobile again.

Oh, and don’t forget what they did to us in a baseball regional a few years back. Yeesh.

Nicely done.

I need to check this bit weekly. I also have family that has lived in a trailer.

Glad to see this article today. This is a good addition to FWtCT.

Good stuff.

Off the subject, but

I’m watching UK playing Murray State. UK’s offense will be a good test for us next week. Their QB can fling the ball 60 yards easily, they have a couple tall rangy receivers who can get deep, and they have a hoss running back in Benny Snell. The QB, Wilson can also scramble and he is fast. Not sure how stout their defense is, but they held Muck Fullen’s gators to 16 points last weekend. Since its an away game, this game will be our biggest test to date; more so than KSU, I think.

Sorry, but cannot keep my mouth shut...

What exactly is there to do in Starkville? Go to the MSU campus and get a ball of cheese? That was the is reason I ever stop their, when coming back from Tupelo to Brandon. A mall style food court is not the pinnacle of culinary delights. You see, there is so much great food around Louisiana’ s campus, they don’t have to stay trapped on their campus. They live in the middle of a city that has more great restaurants and hosts more festivals than the entire Golden Triangle can even come close to claiming. MSU is a campus with a little town on the edge of it. Please tell me what exciting things there are to do is Starkville. I know, and other than football, there isn’t much going on, unless you travel to Tupelo, Memphis or Jackson. It is a town that is alive only because of the campus. Please don’ t think can compare to what Lafayette has to offer. If you ever get lost and wind up in Lafayette, try Pouparts bakery. It puts your Walmart donuts. Since I live and drive through the area, quickly I might add, you can lie to yourself, but not me.

Gil is totally serious!

He also said their women are bat-shit crazy, but great in the sack. Something about them not turning anything down…. but the sheets?

You're not that special, but then again, maybe you are!

Amazing how people with so many insecurities have to ridicule others, their regions, and their cultures to try and make themselves look good and think that they are "impressing" others, NOT!
Get some help Jack@..!

Thanks friend!

Amazing how people with so many insecurities have to ridicule others to try and make themselves look good and think that they are "impressing" others. Thank you Proud Cajun. I hope you have a great day! #blessed

Fact check

One other thing GILligan, when Simmons went to UL, it was called USL. And – at that time USL was ranked as #6 out of 10, of the most partying colleges in the USA, by Playboy magazine. So, it wasn’t that boring. So, what makes Starkville so inviting? The cotton fields?

What to do in Starkville - from Trip Advisor

I did not realize how exciting it would be to visit Starkville. Whoaaaa!!!!

Things to Do in Starkville‎

Mississippi State University
147 reviews

  1. of 16 things to do in Starkville
    Points of Interest & Landmarks

Ulysses S. Grant Presidential Library
10 reviews

  1. of 16 things to do in Starkville
    History Museums, Specialty Museums

Cullis & Gladys Wade Clock Museum
4 reviews

  1. of 16 things to do in Starkville
    History Museums, Specialty Museums
    The Pita Pit
    8 reviews
  2. of 16 things to do in Starkville
    Other Food & Drink

Cobb Museum of Archaeology
5 reviews

  1. of 16 things to do in Starkville
    History Museums

Oktibbeha County Heritage Museum
5 reviews

  1. of 16 things to do in Starkville
    History Museums

The Cotton District
3 reviews

  1. of 16 things to do in Starkville
    Architectural Buildings

Hobie’s On Main
2 reviews

  1. of 16 things to do in Starkville
    Bars & Clubs

Get Out Starkville
2 reviews

  1. of 16 things to do in Starkville
    Room Escape Games
    Mississippi State University Art Galleries
    1 review
  2. of 16 things to do in Starkville
    Art Galleries

Mississippi is the best at a lot of things.

Mississippi is the best in a lot of statistics in the country. It’s the best at giving welfare to the fattest, single mothers, whose kids will never learn math above the 4th grade level, which the state blames having Alzheimer’s and not getting enough tax dollars because they’re the poorest state as well. The stadium in Starkville holds 61,000 people and have 9 last names in the entire thing during gameday. They use cowbells to lure in their mates, and they breed after each family reunion there. I visited them out there driving through, it’s like I blinked my eyes and it was over right after I seen those priests with the funny white suits with the pointed hats. At first I thought it was a Halloween costume, but there were that people under them.

All the newbys!

I love the newbys who set up accounts just to get a little revenge!

Could be one newbie at his mom's basement in Lafayette.

Ha...yep, i thought the same thing.


Possibly the worst written article….ever. one word…..moron.

Haha! Look...another newby!

Kinda makes you wonder which will happen first

1)Will SB Nation run out of usernames
2)Will the basement in Lafayette run out of room

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