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2014 SEC Baseball Tournament, Day 1: Tuesday Open Thread and Updates

Come discuss with us the first day of action at the 2014 SEC Baseball Tournament in Hoover, Alabama while we all sit in our offices wishing we were there instead.

PodKatt | And the Valley Shook

This week may not match up to March Madness or even bowl week for some people, but for the few of us who are big college baseball fans, this is one of the most fun and anticipated weeks of the year.  As they do annually, this week 12 SEC teams head back to Hoover Metropolitan Stadium to face off in a battle to be crowned SEC Tournament champions.  Over the years this tournament has been won by anyone from the favorite to the lowest seed to barely make it in.  We've seen greats that have gone on to the Major Leagues play in this tournament, and we've seen wild games that will live on for years with those who were there to witness it.  And above it all, we've sat in line for what seems like forever, waiting to get out of the stadium parking lot through the one and only access point to the field.

This year's tournament, which kicks off today with a matchup between Vanderbilt and Tennessee, looks like this at the start:

2014 SEC Baseball Tournament

Our own beloved Bulldogs just barely missed out on a first-day bye, but nevertheless the maroon and white will suit up today and hope to help Lucas Laster and the pitching staff power to a first round win over Georgia.  While we will try our best today to provide updates here on the first four games, remember you can always check out for fairly-up-to-the-minute scores and updates.  Happy tournament-ing to you all!  Here's today's full lineup:

Matchup Time TV Results Winner Faces
#6 Vanderbilt vs.
#11 Tennessee
9:30 a.m. CT SPSO/ESPN3 Vandy 3, UT 2 #3 LSU
#7 Arkansas vs.
#10 Texas A&M
TBD SPSO/ESPN3 Ark 4, A&M 0 #2 Ole Miss
#8 Alabama vs.
#9 Kentucky
4:30 p.m. CT CSS/ESPN3 UK 7, Bama 1 #1 Florida
#5 MSU vs.
#12 Georgia
TBD CSS/ESPN3 MSU 4, UGA 3 (10) #4 South Carolina

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