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Top 25 Impact Players for 2013

MSU Impact Players for 2013, No. 1: Tyler Russell

As a senior, can one of the best quarterbacks in MSU history step up and shine in the big game? He'll get that chance early.

MSU Impact Players for 2013, No. 2: B. McKinney

Benardrick McKinney, a former two star recruit, finished 8th in the SEC in tackles last season as a freshman. Can State's All-SEC linebacker plug the middle of the defense again this year?

MSU Impact Players for '13, No. 3: Blaine Clausell

You've got to be able to protect the blind side in football. It's an essential part of the game, and one that's separated good teams from great ones over the years. The man charged with that task this year is Blaine Clausell.

MSU Impact Players for 2013, No. 4: Gabe Jackson

You can't put a price tag on top shelf talent on the offensive front, and MSU's Gabe Jackson is as top shelf as it gets in the SEC in 2013. For State to have a successful season in 2013, the Bulldogs will need a big year from the future 1st rounder

MSU 2013 Impact Players: No.5 Denico Autry

Denico's 2012 wasn't quite what many State fans expected out of the ultra talented end. With a new, more aggressive defensive philosophy and a year in the SEC under his belt, can State fans expect big things from him this fall?

A New Depth Chart and a New Look at impact Players

With the release of Mississippi State's first game week depth chart of the 2013 season, it was time to start reexamining the list of 25 impact players for 2013.

Impact Players for 2013, No. 6: Taveze Calhoun

The sophomore product of Morton surprised many when he was listed as the starter at CB opposite of Jameson Love earlier in the week. Can he live up to expectations, and is he ready for the big test the first week against Oklahoma State?

Impact Players for 2013, No. 7: Robert Johnson

Can the wide receiver step up and become a big part of MSU's offense in 2013?

Impact Players for 2013, No. 8: Nickoe Whitley

The senior safety comes in at #8 on our list of most important Bulldogs for 2013.

MSU 2013 Impact Players: No. 10, Dillon Day

A junior center, Dillon Day has started his last 21 ball games for Mississippi State, and he has twice been named to the Remington Award watch list. Coming into the 2013 season, he will play an important role to help the offensive line improve.

2013 MSU Impact Players: No. 10 Justin Cox

The Mississippi State Bulldogs will be looking to replace a great deal of talent in the secondary. Incoming cornerback Justin Cox can go a long way to easing that transition.

MSU 2013 Impact Players: No. 12-Kaleb Eulls

Having found the spotlight for his heroic actions on a school bus in high school, Kaleb Eulls hopes the spotlight follows him for his outstanding play along the Mississippi State defensive line in 2013.

MSU 2013 Impact Players: No. 13-Deontae Skinner

As one of two returning starting linebackers for Mississippi State, Deontae Skinner as well as Benardrick McKinney will feel the pressure to be anchors for a revamped Bulldog defense.

MSU 2013 Impact Players: No. 14-Jameon Lewis

With the Mississippi State Bulldogs having to replace nearly all of their production from the wide receiver position, Jameon Lewis will be expected to play a large role in that process.

MSU 2013 Impact Players, No.15: Jay Hughes

Last year, Jay Hughes pushed for a starting job until the beginning of the season. In 2013, he will be the starter at strong safety for Mississippi State.

Impact Players, No. 16: P.J. Jones

Starting defensive tackle

2013 MSU Football Impact Players- Dak Prescott

Having scored eight touchdowns for Mississippi State in 2012, the Bulldogs will most likely use Dak Prescott in more situations in 2013. If the sophomore can produce, he could see many more opportunities during the season.

MSU 2013 Impact Players: No. 18-Preston Smtih

Moving from a backup position to a starting role, Preston Smtih may find even bigger numbers than he had in 2012. Should he have a big season, Mississippi State may have one of the more fearsome defenses in the SEC.

MSU 2013 Impact Players: No 19, Matt Wells

Having scored a defensive touchdown in the season opener, Matthew Wells faded a bit into the background as the 2012 season continued. In 2013, he finds himself back in a starting role.

MSU 2013 Impact Players, No. 20 Jamerson Love

With both Johnthan Banks and Darius Slay gone to the NFL as second round draft picks, Jamerson Love will be expected (along with Justin Cox) to replicate the same production on the field as his predecessors.

MSU 2013 Impact Players: No. 21-Devon Bell

Most of the time when kickers walk on the field, points are on the line. Mississippi State will need Devon Bell to convert most of his opportunities into points to have a successful 2013 season.

MSU Football 2013 Impact Player No. 22, Joe Morrow

With the loss of most of the receiving yards and touchdowns from 2012, players such as Joe Morrow have the opportunity to step into the spotlight as top notch wide receivers for Mississippi State in 2013.

MSU 2013 Impact Players: No. 23, Beniquez Brown

While it is hard to say a redshirt freshman has to be an impact player, there is little doubt that Beniquez Brown will see plenty of significant playing time in 2013. Should the player be as good as advertised, Bulldogs fans will rejoice in 2013.

MSU 2013 Impact Player: No. 24, Baker Swedenberg

Can a punter really be an impact player? When he only allows about a foot and a half per return and has to tick on 41% of a team's drives in SEC play, Baker Swedenberg sure can be.

Top 25 MSU Impact Players: No. 25, Quay Evans

Sophomore Quay Evans came to Starkville amid much hype and fanfare, and as a true freshman in 2012, he logged enough quality plays to make many fans believe in him. In 2013, he will have to improve his production should the Bulldogs hope to succeed.