SEC Baseball Power Poll: Week Two Results


See how SBNation's SEC bloggers ranked the SEC after the second weekend of college baseball play.

When the action on the gridiron cannot be dominated during the offseason, the SEC puts forth a pretty solid effort in dominating the action on the diamond around the conference. Your merry band of SEC bloggers have decided to join forces to help you figure out which team sits at the peak of the mountain in SEC baseball every week with our SEC Baseball Power Poll.

Methodology: For those into the scientific aspect of a poll, this power poll has a simple design. Voters from across the SB Nation SEC blogs have volunteered to participate in this poll every week.

Through the poll, each team earns an average score, which will be seen in the table. The lower the average score, the better. What this average score does is allow readers to see just how closely the voters see each of the teams. The closer the average score between two teams, the closer the voters as a whole think the teams are.




Prev. Week

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this school:


Carolina (5)

Average: 1.77


Overall: 7-0
Week 2: 4-0



LSU (4)


Overall: 7-0
Week 2: 4-0



Vanderbilt (4)


Overall: 7-0
Week 2: 4-0





Overall: 6-0
Week 2: 3-0



Texas A&M


Overall: 6-1
Week 2: 3-1





Overall: 7-0
Week 2: 5-0



Ole Miss


Overall: 6-1
Week 2: 3-1





Overall: 5-3
Week 2: 3-2





Overall: 4-4
Week 2: 2-3





Overall: 5-2
Week 2: 3-1





Overall: 4-2
Week 2: 2-1





Overall: 3-3
Week 2: 1-2





Overall: 3-4
Week 2: 1-3




Average: 13.69

Overall: 1-5
Week 2: 0-3


In addition to ranking the teams, each voter was asked to share a few thoughts about each team.

No. 1 South Carolina:

"No runs allowed in the last 51 innings. Sick."

"Some team will eventually beat the Gamecocks. First, that team has to figure out how to score."

"Really, South Carolina should be considered 1B. The Gamecocks' strength of schedule isn't quite as good as Vandy's or LSU's, but they've been just as impressive on the field. They haven't allowed a run in their last five games, scoring 28 of their own."

No. 2 LSU:

"If Aaron Nola is going to flirt with no hitters, the SEC should be very afraid."

"The class of the SEC West, the Tigers have been dominant so far."

No. 3 Vanderbilt:

"Anyone else in the SEC swept a team near the quality of Long Beach? Nope. OK, they top the ballot."

"Juggernaut, as usual."

No. 4 Arkansas:

"No one's played that tough a schedule, aside from Florida, but the Hogs really seem to be pushing the idea of early season tune ups."

"The Razorbacks' next three weekends feature series against South Alabama, Cal and Florida, so we'll soon find out what they're made of."

No. 5 Texas A&M:

"After being shutout Friday night against Sacramento State, the Aggies did a nice job of taking the series with 12 runs in their last two games."

"Almost undefeated, against nobody."

No. 6 Tennessee:

"Here's the big surprise of the league so far. It's been ages since the Volunteers have been relevant, but head coach Dave Serrano looks like he has Tennessee ready to be a player. The Vols' bats look like they could be among the conference's best."

"Tennessee is undefeated, and the season has started. Heck, the season is two weeks old. What sorcery is this?"

No. 7 Ole Miss:

"The Rebels, who had modest expectations coming into the season, are sitting pretty at 6-1. Still too early to tell if it's a sign of more Swayze outfield beer showers to come or a product of easy scheduling."

"Won their first six games by a combined 40 runs, so we'll spot them one slip up on the getaway game in an already-won series."

No. 8 Florida:

"The Gators get credit for playing a tough schedule, but you have to win those games for full credit. Right now, Florida is a 500 team in the ACC."

"The Gators just lost two of three on the road at Miami, but that's nothing to be ashamed of. Are they ready to bounce back from a disastrous 2013 season?"

No. 9 Mississippi State:

"The Dawgs are playing well below their talent level early this season. A midweek loss to Memphis and a weekend split with Holy Cross was just plain awful. They've struggled at the plate and in the field. Jonathan Holder also blew two saves in the last week. This team will be much better than they're playing, but it's ugly right now."

"What the hell, Bulldogs? Look, I'm no fan of yours or your coach (ok, mainly I just hate your coach), but splitting a series with Holy Cross? What is going on? Should improve once its grilling season. 4-4 won't cut it."

"Old conventional wisdom: Contending for Omaha. New conventional wisdom: Struggling to make Hoover."

No. 10 Kentucky:

"This is a team that beat Virginia, and lost to VMI. They also dropped a game to South Carolina- Upstate, a university that I'm pretty sure is imaginary. Your guess is as good as mine."

"It looks like Kentucky has basically been turned around as a program. They might not win a division any time soon, but they're moving toward being consistently decent."

No. 11 Alabama:

"Bama entered the year with a little respect, garnering a top-25 ranking in multiple preseason polls. It's taken a couple of late rallies to avoid losing series against Saint Louis and Stephen F. Austin."

"Drawing better crowds, but you can't lose to the St Louis COLLEGE team."

No. 12 Missouri:

"At least their losses are of a decent caliber. Well, except McNeese."

"Mizzou hasn't really done much against a not-so-tough schedule. Have to think these Tigers will be battling for one of the last SEC Tournament spots."

No. 13 Auburn:

"The Tigers' pitching has been pretty solid, but that offense is atrocious. It may take a season to figure out who's going to be on board with new head coach Sunny Golloway."

"Sonny cant cut the whole team, can he?"

No. 14 Georgia:

"Mark Richt has not lost control of the Bulldogs baseball team, because he's far too smart to have ever claimed control of the Georgia baseball team."

"The best thing to happen for the Dawgs this season was the final game of their series at Florida State being rained out."

"At least they still have the gymnastics team."

It's your turn. Let us know in the comments where we went right and where we went wrong.

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