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Florida fans create after MSU win over Auburn

It didn't take Florida fans--fresh off of a home loss to LSU--long to start their campaign to hire back former offensive coordinator Dan Mullen.

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[Update]: There is also a (hat tip to What a Maroon!), which looks like it is likely operated by the same person or group of persons running

[Original Story]: We knew this was coming; the only question was when it would finally come and from whom.  After Mississippi State took down the #2 Auburn Tigers 38-23 at home on Saturday night, many of us began to wonder how long it would be before the bigger schools in need of a coaching refresh would come knocking at the door Coach Mullen.

Couple MSU's recent rise with Florida's demise and you have your answer: This weekend.

Florida fans have officially started their campaign to hire Dan Mullen with the website  Mullen, as you may recall, was the Gator's offensive coordinator under former head coach Urban Meyer from 2005 through 2008.  MSU hired him away in December of 2008 following the resignation of Sylvester Croom, and UF head coach Urban Meyer would step down two years later, leaving the door open for current head coach Will Muschamp to be hired.

Things haven't gone great, to say the least, under Muschamp's direction, however, and Florida fans seem more than ready to move on and consider the Muschamp era a failure.  While Muschamp is known a a strong defensive mind, his offensives have suffered in his four years in Gainesville, leaving the program far from the days of Tim Tebow and the high-flying offenses of Mullen and Urban Meyer's tenure.

Frankly, this is more flattery than a serious concern at this point in the season.  The Gators will definitely see the season through, and Mullen has far more important things on his mind than skipping town on a midnight train in October.  As State fans, however, we should prepare ourselves to see more of this, because this is what comes with success.  For now let's just sit back, relax, and enjoy the season we're having, and we can worry about Dan's being courted by larger programs a few months down the road.

Still, we might want to go ahead and get those checks written, just to be prepared.