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Dan Mullen

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Why Dan Mullen Isn't Going Anywhere

The Good, Bad & Unknown: One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

Shoutout to Nick Fitzgerlad’s helmet for coming off and restarting the QB controversy.

The Good, Bad & Unknown: Gettin’ Jagged Up


The Good, The Bad & The Unknown? Offseason Edition

We’re 10 days away from the 2016 season, let’s talk about the offseason that was.

Nature Vs Nurture: The Dak Prescott Case

Former 3-star recruit turned Heisman candidate is looking better than the last 24 starting QBs in Cleveland. Who/what is responsible for this?

#MaroonDecision2016: Quarterback Edition

It’s time to shift our eyes to the future of Mississippi State football. The only question is, where does the focus go?

How Dan Mullen Saved the Egg Bowl

With just a few simple actions, Dan Mullen rekindled a glowing ember of a rivalry and made the Battle for the Golden Egg start to mean something again.

Mullen will not be a candidate at Florida per ESPN

That's good news to MSU ears, although I doubt this will be the last job Mullen's name is mentioned in the job search.

Florida fans start website calling for Mullen hire

It didn't take Florida fans--fresh off of a home loss to LSU--long to start their campaign to hire back former offensive coordinator Dan Mullen.

Mullen Has 5 Games to Prove What He's Got

Dan Mullen's tenure at MSU is at a critical juncture - he's got to put up or shut up.

Comparing Mullen's 4 Years to the Best 4 of JWS

We all remember the fun and excitement of MSU football from 1997-2000. Those four years were great. So how do Mullen's first four years compare?

PHOTO: Mullen and Meyer at a Buffett concert

Because even college football coaches love margaritas and island music.

Is Mullen the highest paid state employee in MS?

It appears that Dan is the highest paid state employee for our fine state, but that's based on a few assumptions.

FANCRED REACTIONS: What should Dan Mullen Vine?

Social media is extremely prevalent these days. Even SEC coaches have jumped on the bandwagon. Mullen tweets and Facebooks but what will he do now that he has a Vine account?

The Recruiting Journey of the Dan Mullen Era

A look at each recruiting class Dan Mullen has signed to track how his recruiting ability has improved.

MSU's Road to Success

Dan Mullen has building a program at Mississippi State, a program that competes to win the SEC West.