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The Dream Chase Continues

T-Dawg’s winners: Week 13

NCAA Football: Auburn at Mississippi State Matt Bush-USA TODAY Sports

Well, college football enters its final week and consists of some makeup games, some regular games and, of course, conference championship games. Wow, what a mix! It will be a cold week for most games. That is what December usually is, a prelude to the coming winter. So, I hope that football can draw inner warmth this weekend as we cheer for our team. I pray that each and every one of you has a safe and memorable Christmas. Share all those family stories, some of which may involve a football game from the past, and remember to treasure the time you have with family.

No. 5 Texas A&M @ Tennessee

The Texas A&M Aggies march into Knoxville, Tennessee, looking for an opportunity to push their way into the College Football Playoff. I would say they have as much right to that claim as others (except Alabama). Saturday, they will have their last chance to prove it. Head coach Jimbo Fisher will need to earn his $10 million this season by getting quarterback Kellen Mond ready to perform on the road under spotlight pressure. Reveille and her buddies not only have to beat the Volunteer, but they need to obliterate Rocky Top into rubble.

The Volunteers managed to rise above their lowly kinfolk to the west and make one more scratch on the wall under the win column for the season. You might say it was good depending on your perspective because it probably saved Tennessee head coach Jeremy Pruitt’s job, for now. Then again, it was most likely the last mark in that column for the Volunteers this year. If the skies are clear Saturday, you will probably be able to see the smoke billowing into the sky as Knoxville burns to the ground.

T-Dawg’s Winner: Texas A&M 48-13

Vanderbilt @ No. 8 Georgia

The Commodores tried their best against their bitter rival last Saturday to little avail as they were once again dead in the water. For whatever the reason, the Commodores must sail into Athens, Georgia, to bid farewell to 2020. There is not any resuscitation that will provide the opportunity for victory now as the ship sinks deep down to Davey Jones’ locker and takes all aboard with it.

The Georgia Bulldogs are having to find new types of motivation week to week since their College Football Playoff hopes were extinguished a month ago. Head Coach Kirby Smart’s chair has been a little warm as winter begins to bear down. Many Georgia fateful haven’t seen anything better than what they had with Mark Richt, but where would you turn in times like these? For now, the grind goes on for Smart’s Bulldogs as they prepare for a bowl berth somewhere by mauling a fleet of dying Commodores who are simply waiting for their last gasp of air before succumbing to the pandemic.

As I am about to submit this story, I see that this game has been cancelled. Oh well, I’m sticking to my story anyway…

T-Dawg’s Winner: Georgia 45-10

Ole Miss @ LSU

That School Up North (TSUN) seems to have accomplished its mission to avoid playing the Texas A&M Aggies this year. Now with LSU up, TSUN is ready to play again. Head Coach Lane Kiffin is grinning like an opossum as he takes his Land Minnows down to visit LSU. He has been counting on LSU to continue its downward spiral so his little fish could swim in and feed easily.

The Bayou Bengals finally found some fight in themselves after being embarrassed by Alabama at home. Playing their shoes off, Head Coach Ed Orgeron’s felines spit in the Gator’s eyes as they skinned them in their own front yard. Orgeron’s former team, TSUN, is swimming up through the swamps and bayous to elude the Tigers. Nothing would please “Big Baby” Orgeron more than to blast them nasty minnows out of the water. Most of us would enjoy that as well, Coach O.

T-Dawg’s Winner: LSU 45-34

Southeastern Conference Championship

No. 1 Alabama versus No. 7 Florida

Alabama head coach Nick Saban and his Crimson Tide hit Atlanta like a tidal wave after rolling through an elongated SEC season, which only readied them for the real drive ahead. Quarterback Mac Jones and his offense have stomped, crushed and destroyed most everything in their path. Now the Florida Gators have appeared to challenge them. If anyone wants a late breakfast, then be ready because when Jones throws deep, Devonta Smith will make toast of the Gators’ secondary.

Florida head Coach Dan Mullen’s scaly critters stubbed their toe against the Bayou Bengals and blew any chance to being in the College Football Playoff. The Gators will try to get back up and claim the conference title by chomping on some large and determined red pachyderms. If they spent the time to really study the situation, they would clearly see that these charging elephants are more than they can swallow. The best the Gators can hope for is to maybe hit them with a shoe as they run by. I could be wrong, of course, but I don’t see this one being that close.

T-Dawg’s Winner: Alabama 52-17

Missouri @ Mississippi State

The Mizzou Tigers come calling in Starkville, Mississippi, to close out the regular season for both teams. Head Coach Eli Drinkwitz will attempt to find a way to subdue the Dawgs before they can put the bite on his Tigers. Running back Larry Roundtree will try to find lanes to streak up and down the field to lead his feline friends in his last hurrah.

The Dawgs will make at least one final swing of their sword this season as the Mizzou Tigers come for a Christmas visit. The Pirate (head coach Mike Leach) has been reconstructing the Dawgs this year into a product that will be stronger than in years past. To do that, Leach has had to replace many of the timbers that the ship is constructed from. That process is ongoing, but clearly, it is evident that the new construction is beginning to take hold. It is always darkest just before sunrise, but the light of dawn is beginning to peak over the horizon.

T-Dawg’s Winner: Mississippi State 27-17

Other Games:

Nebraska wins over Rutgers

Army wins over Air Force

Maryland wins over Michigan State

Arizona State wins over Oregon State

No. 6 Iowa State wins over No. 10 Oklahoma

Oregon wins over No. 13 Southern Cal

Wake Forest upsets Florida State

No. 2 Notre Dame purges a demon and wins over No. 3 Clemson

The powers that be put an undeserving No. 4 Ohio State into the playoff!

My College Football Playoff predictions:

No. 1 Alabama plays No. 4 seeded Texas A&M

Notre Dame gets the No. 2 seed and plays No. 3 (cough, cough) Ohio State

This sets up a classic championship game renewal between No. 1 Alabama and No. 2 Notre Dame for Saban’s final game and championship.

That’s my opinion. what’s yours?

Hail State and God Bless!