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Alabama steals [Good Recruit's Name] away from [Your State Here]

Since this seems to happen quite often to not only the Mississippi schools but for schools all around the southeast and United States as a whole, we've created a template post for blogs to use when Alabama gets a commitment from a kid in another state. This was created after Leo Lewis of MS committed to Alabama over the weekend.

Saban: "You thought [Good Recruit's Name] was coming to your school.  You thought wrong."
Saban: "You thought [Good Recruit's Name] was coming to your school. You thought wrong."
Andy Lyons

After being one of the first team's to begin recruiting [Good Recruit's Name] early on in his sophomore and junior year's of high school, [Your School Here] found out Saturday that all of their hard work and overtime would go for naught.

[Good Recruit's Name] has committed to the Alabama Crimson Tide for the [Year Goes Here] class, according to various recruiting services this [Time of Day]. [Good Recruit's Name] was extended an offer just a month or so ago after [Other Good Recruit's Name] chose Florida State over the Tide, and he immediately jumped at the chance to play for the Tide.

[Good Recruit's Name], who is listed by recruiting services as [Ridiculous combination of Height and Weight], recently ran a [Ridiculous 40 time for his position] at the Alabama camp, and was extended the offer just after that. He is the [4* or 5* star, highest rated player in your state] by all of the major recruiting services.

The local fan base didn't take too well to the news of [Good Recruit's Name] committing to the Tide, and they headed to [Your School's Biggest Message Board(s)] to air out their grievances. "I just don't understand why [Good Recruit's Name] wouldn't want to stay in-state and play for his state's home school", was a common response found across [Your School's Name]'s message boards following the news. Other responses included: "Don't they already have 15 [Good Recruit's Position] committed to this class?", "Good gosh are any of the rest of us ever going to catch a break in recruiting?", "I should probably not drink so much because of a decision made by a 17-year old", "We didn't want him anyways", and "What does Alabama have that we don't, besides double digit national championships and a coach who has trained himself to only get 25 minutes of sleep a day so that he can recruit more than our coach?".