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Mississippi State Bulldogs v. Houston Cougars: The Morning After

Another week, another loss, another game with turnovers.

First off, sorry for the radio silence this past week. It was pretty hectic and I just didn't have a chance to sit down and do any writing and barely had any time to read anything related to the game. We will pick things back up this week as we look towards our trip to Murfreesboro to visit the MIddle Tennessee Blue Raiders.

As for the Houston game, it seemed like a game taylor-made for our style of play. They were weak against the run and Anthony Dixon was as big as most of their D-line. I haven't watched the game yet, so I will post-pone any sort of review until I do.

So, let's get on with it: The Morning After

First up, the post-game press conference and post-game player comments:

And here is the linkage:

Rusty Hampton talks about "coulda, woulda, shoulda" of the last 3 games the Bulldogs have played.

So allow me: State woulda beat LSU two weeks ago with another foot at the goal line, coulda beat Georgia Tech last week with a few less turnovers and shoulda beat Houston.

Veazey talks about where the team goes from a 2-4 start and 3 straight losses.

And back to Rusty to talk about the yellow flags that may have cost us the game against Houston, and the horrible officiating from the C-USA team.

That's all for today.