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Mississippi State football game day news and notes: Bulldogs in Baton Rouge

Mississippi State plays football today! We should probably get ready to watch the Bulldogs!

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: SEP 10 Mississippi State at Arizona Photo by Christopher Hook/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Hey. It’s game day! Or gameday. Or Gameday. Or however you’d like to capitalize and spell it all out. Mississippi State plays football today. The Bulldogs are getting their SEC slate started as they head down the road to Baton Rouge to face off against the LSU Tigers.

That could be fun!

Or, if you examine the history of this series, it may not be the most exciting thing ever! Who knows!

Let’s get prepped for tonight’s game.

Mississippi State news and notes from yours truly at The Underdog Tribune

Yes, hey, I’m making myself a section. Look, I worked hard on this stuff. I want to show all of this preview content off. There’s even some stuff with a table of contents.

But! There are other folks who are also working hard to cover the Bulldogs! I’d love it if you read my content, but there’s plenty of other content out there that you should also read.

Mississippi State news and notes from around the internet

Today’s Tunes:

I’ve featured Jamestown Revival on this here website in the past and I want it to be clear that I thoroughly enjoy their work. They’re remarkable talents, are incredible songwriters, and put together music that is thoroughly enjoyable to listen to. Check them out at your earliest convenience.

I’d be willing to guess that Chris Stapleton and Sturgill Simpson are more musically talented than at least 99% of everyone that has ever walked the earth. I feel comfortable making that sort of statement. There’s been a lot of folks to walk this here earth. Not everyone has been all that talented. These two guys, on the other hand, are very talented.