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Mississippi State Bulldogs v. Middle Tennessee Blue Raiders: The Morning After

It's good to get a win. Middle Tennessee has always been one of those lurking upsets - a game that is easy to overlook. That is especially true considering our opponent next week. It's great to have a boost of confidence heading into the Florida game week.

There were two highlights to this game from my point of view. First, a big congrats to Anthony Dixon for becoming the all-time rushing leader at Mississippi State. Second, we committed 0 turnovers and have the win to prove it.

Now, on to this week's edition of The Morning After

It's the year of the running back in the SEC, and ESPN's Chris Low reminds everyone to not forget about Anthony Dixon. Dixon passed Jerious Norwood as State's all-time leading rusher with a 57-yard touchdown run in the second quarter against the Blue Raiders. That run actually put Dixon at 99 yards for the day and he was over 100 before half-time. Dixon also earned a helmet sticker.

Here is Veazey's write-up of how the game went down. Brad Locke has his recap as well.

Also, a look at the game from the other side of the field in Murfreesboro's Daily News Journal.

It also looks like the coaching staff was shaking things up a little bit. State's defensive coordinator Carl Torbush was on the sideline for yesterday's game, rather than in the press box.

Looking Ahead

Now that we are back in to conference play, we will have our usually week of content, including a guest blogger Q & A.