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Mississippi State Bulldogs v. Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets: Game Day Linkage



Saturday at 6:30 p.m.
Television: CSS
Radio: Mississippi State Bulldog Network
Satellite Radio: XM 200, Sirius 214 (VU feeds)
Live Audio Streaming: Maroon to the Max
Live Stats:
Weather: Gameday Forecast | Current Radar
Game Notes (PDF)
: MSU | Georgia Tech



It is still about 10 hours before kick-off and Mississippi State fans are itching to see how well the team performs after the close loss to LSU last week. Lets take a look around the web and see what everyone else is saying about today's game.

Facing Paul Johnson's triple option, discipline is the key for the Bulldog defense says Kyle Veazey. The Reflector feels the same way as they look at how the Bulldogs are preparing for Tech.

Veazey also has a nice write-up about the State o-line and coach John Hevesy.

Brad Locke talks about the physical and mental test that the Bulldogs will confront today, as well as more talk about stopping that triple option and a feature on the play of TE Marcus Green.

Our friends over at From The Rumble Seat have a preview of today's game. They are expecting the same team that they slaughtered in Atlanta last year. Let's hope they are extremely disappointed after today.

The AJC says that Tech can't lose keys against State. Also in the AJC, Jeff Shultz says that Tech will win and cover the spread:

Tech at Missy State: True story: Johnny Cash once got drunk in Starkville, spent the night in jail and later wrote a song about it ("Starkville City Jail"). But he claimed he actually was arrested for picking flowers, so Starkville now has the Johnny Cash Flower Pickin’ Festival. Hey, when your football team stinks and your city makes Hattiesburg look like Salzburg, you take what you can get. And you get drunk a lot. Enough deep analysis. Tech runs crazy and covers 6.

The AJC also has photographic evidence of why we are going to beat GaTech today.

Finally, a riddle for you. What do get when you mix a bunch of football players, a few engineering geeks, some bad dancing, and a rented lambo?