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The Home Stretch

We are coming to the last days of the 2009 football season for the Bulldogs. They had a tough game against a great Alabama team (who should be #1, in my opinion) and need a win at Arkansas (something they have never done) and a win at home against "the team up north". Neither games look easy. Just when you thought that Ole MIss was slumping late in the season, they come back with a win against Tennessee. Arkansas is always a tough game for us, especially when we are traveling.

Both of these games have been selected for the 11:21am SEC Network kick-off. This weekend, that telecast is being split with the Alabama/UT-Chattanooga game. That means that if you live in Alabama, you won't get to see the Bulldogs and Razorbacks. Instead, you get to watch an Alabama scrimmage. If your ISP supports it, you can catch the game on

So what can the Bulldogs do to beat Arkansas? They have one of the most productive offenses in the SEC, if not the country, but are giving up just as much on defense. While they are scoring the most points and racking up the most yards per game, they are also giving up the most yards and the most pass yardage.

Look for a Q & A coming up with a Razorback blogger and we will also start working in some basketball news here and there as that season starts to pick up steam.