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SEC Power Poll Ballot: Week 9


Here we go with another week of the SEC Power Poll.

1. Alabama Crimson TIde
Bye week but they are still the best in the league.

2. Florida Gators
Gators are barely getting it done this year. Also, I think Brandon Spikes may have eye gouged a bunch of SEC officials at some point.

3. LSU Tigers
Nice office against Tulane this past week. Lets see how they do against the Tide

4. Tennessee Volunteers

5. South Carolina Gamecocks
How much longer can Spurrier stand to be HC in Columbia? They will be fighting Vandy for the bottom of the East this year.

6. Auburn Tigers
It always good to see someone whip up on the Rebels. They seem to have bounced back from their 2 game slump.

7. Mississippi Rebels
At least they have that signature win over....

8. Georgia Bulldogs
They seem like a lost team right now. Even the high school uniforms didn't help them against Florida.

9. Mississippi State Bulldogs
Looking for big things to happen with a bye week off before the Tide comes to Starkvegas. Mullen is moving this team in the right direction. Is Anthony Dixon the best back in the league?

10. Arkansas Razorbacks

11. Kentucky Wildcats
A good showing against MSU. Except for that 252 yards rushing they gave up to Dixon.

12. Vanderbilt Commodores
Back where they belong.