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Greg Byrne says that they are already looking at options for increasing the capacity of Davis Wade Stadium at Scott Field. It is very early in the process, but several people in the athletic department are already talking with architects about what can be done.

The official capacity for Scott Field is listed at 55,082. However, it saw well over that many people attend the Florida game, and even more showed up for the Alabama game. The ability to pull in close to 60,000 people is definitely there, we just need to find a place to put them all.

The most obvious solution is to replace the semi-permanent bleachers in the north endzone with a wrap-around level equal to the height of the lower levels of the east and west side, in effect creating a horseshoe. Search any of the majore MSU-related forums and you are sure to find everything from professional 3-D renderings to MS-Paint/Photoshop mockups of what this expansion should look like.

Byrne has even mentioned doing some seating adjustments to the west side of the stadium to increase capacity. What do you think should be done and how soon should we get on it?