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Upset Indeed

After erasing a large deficit to finish the half only down by 2, Auburn was able to just out play State in the second half. State gave up 91 points to Auburn - the most they have given up all year. This was also the most points Auburn scored this season.

The Tigers hit 13 3-pointers in a game that saw a record attempt at free throws for SEC play (I can't recall the exact number - 50 something). Tay Waller had 8 of those 3-pointers on his way to 32 points for the Tigers.

State really just did not come to play and Waller was the difference for the tigers. This is State's second loss in a row with 5 games left - including a rematch with Auburn in Starkvile.

Will the Buldogs be able to salvage the season enough for an NCAA bid? I think they will need to win the SEC Tournament for a shot at the NCAA. Otherwise, they will be NIT bound.

Next up is South Carolina in The Hump.