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Get Involved

In my intro post for this blog, I mentioned that I was hoping to get the Bulldogs fans more involved in this site. One way you can do that is by submitting FanShots.

FanShots are bits of news, scuttlebutt and more that you find around the web about anything to do with Mississippi State sports. If you see something you want to share, submit it to the site. If it is worthy enough, we can promote it to the homepage for everyone to see.

If you are using especially tech saavy, you can go to the FanShots page and drag the "Share on SB Nation" link to your browsers bookmark bar. Then, you just have to click that link to post something. It will automatically grab the TItle of the story or website, and the URL of it. Just add your comments and submit it.

If you have any questions about how the FanShots, submit a comment below and we will try our hardest to answer it.

Go State!