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Mississippi State and Tennessee For The Championship

Wow. What a weekend for Mississippi State basketball. We come in to the SEC Tournament and go three straight games against Georgia, South Carolina and LSU to arrive at the SEC Title game against Tennessee.

A lot is riding on this game. The most obvious is a trip to the big dance. Many think that State will need to pull out a win today for any chance at all at making the NCAA. Yes, our RPI (83) was helped out with wins over South Carolina (50) and LSU (37). Even if we don't win today, a close game (OT, anyone?) could help our case for an at-large bid, but there is already talk about the SEC only having 2-3 teams in the brackets this year.

So, will State win the SEC Title? If they don't, will they have any chance at an at-large berth? Jerry Palm of seems to have his own opinion on the matter.

I will be on the road today, traveling into the heart of Rocky Top country for Spring Break with the family. At least I will be able to listen to the game.

Go State!