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Mississippi State Wins SEC Tournament

I was just north of Chattanooga during the longest 10 seconds I can remember in a long time. Mississippi State won the SEC Tournament over the Tennessee Volunteers by a score of 64-61. I think I nearly wrecked at least 10 times during that last 10 seconds of play.

Now Mississippi State is waiting in a room at the St. Pete Times Forum in Tampa to learn where they are going for the first round of the NCAA Tournament. But who did they push out? Many people have said that the SEC would only have 3 teams in the NCAA. LSU and Tennessee were already a lock for the big dance. Others being mentioned were Auburn and South Carolina.

Louisville was just announced as the #1 seed on the CBS Selection Special. Where do you think Mississippi State will place and where will they be playing? We will update this post when it is announced.

UPDATE: It was just announced that Mississippi State is a 13 seed in the NCAA and will travel to Portland, Oregon to face the Washington Huskies on Thursday.