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Dixon Top SEC Back in 2009

Chris Low talks a little football today on his ESPN SEC Blog. The subject: Top Running Backs for 2009. At the top of his list? Anthony Dixon. Here is is breakdown:

The decision to go with Dixon as the top guy is based on a couple of factors. For one, Mississippi State offensive coordinator Les Koenning told me recently that Dixon was having a very good offseason and was down around the 220 to 225-pound range and moving extremely well. Here's the other thing: The Bulldogs are going to feed him the ball next season. He's their only proven weapon offensively and is going to get a bunch of touches. Dixon has been overshadowed the last couple years by other backs in the SEC. But not next season.

I think Dixon will have a great year. The move to the spread offense will help lighten the load on our offensive line, giving Dixon more opportunities to break out. The that he is also down about 20 pounds to 225 is even better.