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Post Season Still In Play

Mississippi State came off a 3-game losing streak (including a tough loss to Auburn and an OT loss to Alabama) to beat Florida in their final home game of the 2009 season last night at The Hump.

The Bulldogs were 50% from 3-point range and 50.9% from the floor, with Ravern Johnson leading the team with 15 points. Florida senior Walter Hodge led scoring for the night with 20.

So with only one game left, Mississippi State will need to beat Ole Miss in Oxford Saturday to win the tie for third place in the SEC West.

It is pretty much a done deal that the only way State will make it to the NCAA tournament is to win the SEC Championship. Many people are butting them on the bubble for the NIT tournament. If they can win Saturday against Ole Miss, they should clinch an NIT slot.