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Mississippi State Bulldogs v. Auburn Tigers: The Morning After

I watched this game via the ESPN Scorecenter App on my iPhone from my brother's wedding reception last night. I have it on DVR back in Birmingham, and I am currently contemplating whether or not I will actually sit down and watch it.

It seems like our defense really screwed the pooch on this one, allowing Auburn to drive down the field in 5 drives of 70 yards on their way to 300 yards rushing against the Bulldog defense. Coach Mullen even acknowledged that that is not Mississippi State defense:

"They had a couple of big ones (mistakes). We missed a couple of big plays and Auburn threw a couple balls up for grabs. Our guys were just inches away. As that went, we lost a bit of momentum and our offense had a couple of herky‐jerky drives. We weren’t able to keep our defense off the field and that’s a big, big contributing factor to that as well."

So, with that said, here is what everyone else is saying about last night's game - The Morning After:

Rusty Hampton chimes in from the Clarion-Ledger with a look at the game last night.

If the Bulldogs don't improve defensively on what happened here Saturday at Jordan-Hare Stadium, it could be a rough first season for the 37-year-old coach and MSU fans who bought tickets in record numbers.

Also, from the Clarion-Ledger:

Track 'Em Tigers has a good recap of the game from the Auburn perspective.

There are plenty more post-game articles out there, but we are about to get on the road back home. I will have more later tonight.