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Dan Mullen Press Conference: Week 3

Dan Mullen held his weekly press conference today. First, the video, then the key points.


"They're loaded with future NFL players and five-star recruits. You look at their recruiting from the past four years and they are filled with great recruiting classes. They've got a big, physical offensive line, along with talented and physical running backs. They can put in Trindon Holliday, who's one of the fastest guys in the world. Charles Scott is a big power back and he can pound at you throughout the game. Then you look outside and they're loaded with future NFL wide receivers. On defense they're big and physical. They've got great cover corners so they're able to load the box and bring pressure. There's a reason they're a top-10 team, so we are going to have to bring our A-game, play with tremendous effort, and have the support of our fans to win this game."


On Anthony Dixon:

"I guess going into the season and not being around our guys in game situations you don't know what to expect, but we expected a lot of things from Anthony (Dixon) early on. He's a guy that is going to come in and give you the hardest effort every single play. He has done a nice job and could probably even give us more than he has, but because of the depth we have at the running back position, we try to give the guys breathers and rotate them out throughout the game. If you look at the last game, I think it paid off from how fresh he was in the fourth quarter when it came to running the football. I've been pleased with Anthony and he's a really hard practice player and I think that is evident from how he performs in a game."

On Special Teams:

"We want to be a great special teams team and field position plays a major role in that. When we talk about our strategies to win, it doesn't involve how many points we score, rather we need to win the special teams battle. Heath (Hutchins) did a great job, just being consistent. He didn't boom any punts, but he didn't miss any. Whenever we are pinned deep and have to punt, he (Hutchins) does a nice job pushing them back away from our territory."