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Dan Mullen Press Conference: Week 4

Here is the video from Dan Mullen's weekly press conference. He talks about the loss to LSU and the challenge of the upcoming game against Georgia Tech.

On Georgia Tech's run game...
"We weren't very aggressive in the Auburn game and I think that showed. We did a poor job of putting our players in a position to make plays. We've since then made some adjustments and I think our guys are buying into those adjustments. We're trying all we can to make sure that never happens again. Our run defense will have their hands full this weekend with Georgia Tech. We'll face a different scheme than we're use to, but we're playing with some confidence and we'll have to continue to do so if we want to be successful."

On preparing for the triple option...
"I think, like every offense, it has its tricks to it. It isn't an easy offense to break down, but like the spread offense was a few years ago, Georgia Tech is one of the very few schools that is running that style of offense. Now most teams run the spread and I think defenses have become more comfortable facing it. Our scout team is going to have to do a good job in practice this week simulating the triple option style of offense that Georgia Tech presents. Our defense will continue to have to play sound football, which includes tackling and focusing on the fundamentals which makes a good football team."