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Mississippi State LB Chris White Making Headlines

After the announcement that MLB Chris White was named a Nagurski Player Of The Week, there are plenty of headlines popping up around the country. Here are a few we found this morning.

Brad Locke got in touch with White's mother for his story on Chris White. Manny Diaz also had plenty of praise to offer.

"I'm a simple guy when it comes to evaluating linebackers," Diaz said. "I like them to run fast and hit hard. And Chris White can run fast, and then he is tough as nails, and he will bring it and hit hard."

The Commercial Dispatch also did a feature piece on #50, with more praise from head coach Dan Mullen and fellow linebacker K.J.Wright.

"He's the leader of our defense, getting everybody lined up," Wright said. "He's just a baller. His last two years, he's been playing real good. At the mike position, it gives you the opportunity to make a bunch of tackles and a bunch of sacks. That's what he's doing.", a website that covers the Mississippi and Alabama Gulf Coast, talked to White's high school and JUCO coach. Chris played high school ball at Vancleave and was first team all-American at Gulf Coast Community College. Vancleave head coach Jimmy Bloomfield said this about his former player:

"When I think of Chris White, I think of a motor that never stops," Bloomfield said. "An intense player, just a great kid, hard worker, a real good tackler. He was real good in pass coverage. Chris could play. In high school, he was just a man among boys. He was fun to watch."

And finally, for some non-regional praise, the Washington Post published an article from AP writer David Brandt, who used to cover TSUN for the Clarion Ledger. He talked to White about all the attention he has received recently and how the style of the Manny Diaz defense has helped propel his stats.

"He showed a lot of confidence in me and has really given the defense a chance to make plays," White said. "The linebackers will blitz 10 to 15 times most games, which is way more than last season. It's given us more of a chance to make big plays - tackles in the backfield and sacks - and right now we're executing."