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ESPN: Cam Newton Tells Recruiter "The Money Was Too Much"

Wow.  This just keeps getting wilder and wilder.  ESPN dropped another bombshell on SportsCenter last night.  Here is the latest:

Sometime before he committed to Auburn a recruiter has stated that Cecil Newton told him that "it was going to take more than a scholarship" to get his son to Mississippi State.  Obviously, Mississippi State reportedly refused to pay up.  And if that wasn't bad enough, reports are now surfacing that Cameron Newton himself made a comment regarding his father accepting money.  Apparently he called a recruiter to express regret that he would not be attending Mississippi State.  He stated that his father chose Auburn because "the money was too much". 

These latest allegations are the first to suggest that Cameron Newton was completely aware of his father accepting money from Auburn (or someone associated with Auburn).  One of the biggest questions surrounding all of these latest allegations is who is behind it?  Since there are juicy stories coming out of both Florida and Mississippi State, many media figures are beginning to point the finger at Dan Mullen.  Mullen is denying any involvement.

 There isn't much more to add except that we will keep you updated if anymore news breaks.