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Bill Bell Speaks, So Does NCAA Spokesman...

The media bloodhounds just aren't letting up.  Very late Thursday evening, caught up with MSU booster Bill Bell and questioned him about the shocking statements Kenny Rogers made earlier in the day.  Bell acknowledged that he was contacted by the NCAA and spoke with an investigator earlier in the week.  He declined to provide any futher information than that.

An anonymous representative from the SEC confirmed that a message Bell recieved from Rogers, on behalf of Cecil Newton, was also forward by Bell to NCAA investigators. 

Here is a bit of potential bad news for Auburn:  On Thursday evening NCAA spokesman Stacey Osburne told The New York Times that if Auburn is aware of NCAA violations committed by Newton, and they allow him to continue to play, the school could be "subject to harsher penalties down the road".  Of course that means nothing if Auburn has committed no wrongdoing. 

NCAA rules state that a player's eligibility is dictated by the school.