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EA Sports Simulation: Mississippi State @ Alabama

Two weeks ago the result of the simulation between State and Kentucky matched the real thing with the Bulldogs winning.  This upcoming contest between the Crimson Tide and the Bulldogs has had me worried.  I know that Nick Saban is less than pleased with how his season is turning out and after the loss to LSU some people are predicting that the Tide can't wait to take out their anger on State. 

But as I've said before, I'm not into making predictions.  Some highlights and the final score of the simulation are after the jump...

MSU wins the coin toss and decides to receive.  The bye week apparently made them a bit rusty because the Bulldogs immediately go three and out.  This doesn't prove too costly though because 'Bama does the same thing on their first possession.

MSU puts together a decent drive but it comes to a screeching halt after a lost fumble.  But fear not because the MSU defense comes to rescue and picks off McElroy and the Bulldogs have great field position.

Chris Relf throws a nice pass to Chad Bumphis and State goes up 7-0.

'Bama responds with a furious passing attack capped off with a rushing touchdown by the one and only Mark Ingram.  The game is tied 7-7.

Chris Relf injures his wrist on the next drive and is out for the game.  Russell comes in and State is forced to punt.

'Bama marches right down the field and once again score a touchdown with Mark Ingram putting the Tide up 14-7.

Tyler Russell completes a couple of nice passes and then throws an interception, thus giving 'Bama great field position.

At this point the Bulldogs show once again just how good they are.  Back to back sacks put McElroy and the Crimson Tide out of field goal range, forcing them to punt. 

The MSU offense does nothing with what their defense gave them and goes three and out.  'Bama attempts a last second field goal but misses.  The score at halftime is 14-7 Alabama.

'Bama puts a long drive together to start the third quarter.  Time after time the Bulldogs were unable to stop them on third down.  McElroy completes a beautiful pass to a double covered receiver resulting in a touchdown.  'Bama now up 21-7.

It only takes Russell and the Bulldog offense three plays to go 77 yards and answer with a TD of their own.   The score is 21-14.

Unfortunately, the third quarter ends with 'Bama in the redzone yet again.  They immediately score another TD to open up the 4th quarter.  'Bama up 28-14.

Chad Bumphis has a great kickoff return and puts the Bulldogs in fantastic field position.  Unfortunately, Russell throws another pick and State turns the ball over again.

Ingram rushes for anther TD on 'Bama's next drive putting his team ahead 35-14.

With time running out, the Bulldogs put another solid drive together and make it to the redzone.  They are forced to go for it on fourth down and fail.  'Bama gets the ball back and runs the clock out to win the game.

Final score: Alabama wins 35-14

Maybe the Bulldogs were just too distracted with the Cameron Newton saga.  Hopefully the result of the real game will be happier...