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EA Sports Simulation: Arkansas @ Mississippi State

For those of you that have been paying attention, the EA sports simulations have proven to be spot on so far with the outcomes of the Kentucky and Alabama games. Last week the simulation had the Alabama game ending with a score of 35 to 14. The real result was 30 to 10.

Next up is Arkansas, and if this simulation is anything close to what the real game will be like, we're in for a heck of a battle in Starkville Saturday night.

Some highlights of the simulation and the final score after the jump...

The Arkansas Razorbacks win the coin toss and choose to receive first. This decision gets them no where fast as they immediately go three and out.

The punt to MSU ends horribly. I don't remember which player muffed it, but Arkansas was all over it. They take advantage of the great field position and easily run one in for a quick touchdown. The score is 7-0.

Chris Relf completes a long pass to get things going quickly. The drive appeared to be on the verge of stalling out at midfield as the Bulldogs found themselves in a 3rd and 14 situation. However, Relf comes through with another long pass and MSU is in the redzone. The Bulldogs complete the drive with a rushing touchdown and tie the game 7-7.

Arkansas sputters on their next drive and is forced to punt from midfield. Chris Relf and the Bulldogs pick up where they left off. Back to back long passes to Brandon Heavens get the dawgs down the field in a hurry. After a poorly executed option play that failed, a pass to Bumphis gets MSU into a 1st and goal situation. The Bulldogs are unable to get a TD and settle for a field goal. Bulldogs are now on top 10-7.

Once again, the Bulldog defense stands tall and forces Arkansas into another punting situation. This time the Bulldog offense struggles to get going and punt the ball right back.

Arkansas puts together a nice drive and converts a 3rd and 9 situation to put themselves deep in the Bulldog redzone. Before the next play can get off, Arkansas is flagged for a false start. The defense adds insult to injury as they sack Ryan Mallett and now the Razorbacks find themselves in a 2nd and 25 situation. Mallett then does what he does best and completes a long pass making it 3rd and 2. Rest easy though, Corey Broomfield bats the next pass down and the Razorbacks are forced to settle for a field goal of their own. The score is tied again 10-10 and it stays that way when the game reaches halftime.

The start of the third quarter has the Bulldogs receiving and they put together a very balanced drive down the field. The drive is capped off with a spectacular catch in the back corner of the endzone and the Bulldogs retake the lead 17-10.

The Arkansas Razorbacks storm back 86 yards in two plays for a touchdown that once again ties the game 17-17. The third quarter ends.

Mississippi State's next drive doesn't last long but a great punt puts Arkansas on their own fifteen yard line. Arkansas begins to run the ball now and it works well until the Bulldogs adjust and shut them down at midfield.

Mississippi State receives the punt and once again puts together a very balanced attack. A beautiful pass to Chad Bumphis in the open field results in another TD for the Bulldogs. The score is now 24-17.

The clock is now the Razorback's worst enemy. Mallett responds with a furious passing attack that quickly puts the Hogs down the field. Mississippi State stops them again in their own territory. Arkansas is just out of field goal range and elects to punt. This proves to be a good decision as they manage to down the ball on the 3 yard line.

Relf and the Bulldogs are unable to go anywhere. MSU punts out of the back of their own endzone. The punt is nothing less than disastrous.

Arkansas takes the ball with a minute left on the MSU 35 yard line. The defense sacks Mallett and the Hogs find themselves in a 3rd and 20 situation. A perfect pass down the field results in a TD and the game is tied 24-24 with 34 seconds left in the game.

Relf attempts some passes that fail miserably. This allows Arkansas to save one of their timeouts as MSU has to punt again. The punt is awful again and Mallett and the Hogs complete another long pass that puts them in field goal range. The Razorbacks take their last timeout with three seconds left on the clock. The field goal is good and time expires.

Razorbacks win 27-24

Obviously, I'm really hoping this simulation is entirely wrong with the outcome.