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EA Sports Simulation: Mississippi State @ Mississippi **Egg Bowl Edition**

Bulldog fans, once again the simulation proved to be a very reliable source.  I told you the Arkansas game was going to be a wild thriller and it certainly was.  I told you that MSU was going to lose a heart-breaker and unfortunately that rang true as well.  Those of you that have been watching closely are aware that the simulations haven't failed us yet. 

Now it's time for the Egg Bowl against the Rebel Black Bears.  Will MSU finally put this new losing streak to rest?  Find out after the jump...

The Rebel Black Bears choose to receive the ball first.  An immediate holding call puts them in a hole they are unable to dig out of.  Black Bears go three and out. 

The MSU punt return gets the Bulldogs great field position, but they too go three and out.  Brandon Bolden proceeds to go on a tear and gains a couple of nice first downs.  Unfortunately for the Black Bears, Masoli throws a wild pass that is intercepted and ends the momentum they were getting.

MSU's interception is great news, but the ball was caught deep in their own territory.  The field position is awful and the first two running plays go no where.  The Bulldogs find themselves in a 3rd and 15 situation.  Chris Relf throws a beautiful pass that is caught by Chad Bumphis at midfield.  MSU puts together a couple of more short gains, but they're unable to get another first down and punt the ball.

The Rebel Black Bears run one play as the first quarter expires.  The score is 0-0.

Brandon Bolden runs the ball a couple of times but is unable to get a first down.  An almost perfect punt is downed by the Black Bears at the Mississippi State four yard line.  The awful field position plays a role in the next MSU three and out.  The Bulldogs are forced to punt out of the back of the end zone. 

The Rebel Black Bears now have fantastic field position and quickly get a first down.  They soon are forced to punt again and the ball sails into the MSU end zone for a touchback. 

Robert Elliott rips off a big run and immediately get a first down for the Bulldogs.  The next play ends with Relf getting driven into the ground for a sack.  It must have rattled him because the very next pass he throws is intercepted. 

Once again, the Rebel Black Bears find themselves with awesome field position.  They easily get into the redzone and the drive stalls.  A Rebel Black Bear field goal attempt is missed. 

Seeking redemption, Chris Relf lasers a pass down the field and into the hands on Brandon Heavens.  Heavens is never touched and earns the first points of the game.  Mississippi State Bulldogs go into halftime with a 7-0 lead.

MSU gets the ball first at the start of the third quarter and Chris Relf promptly fumbles the ball away.  The Rebel Black Bears jump on it at the MSU 14 yard line.

Brandon Bolden didn't learn anything after watching Chris Relf fumble the ball because he immediately does the same thing at the two yard line.  Pernell McPhee scoops the loose ball up and runs about twenty yards before being brought down.

MSU goes three and out again. 

An excellent punt and even better coverage keep the Rebel Black Bears deep in their own territory.  However, the resilient Black Bears put together a balanced drive with Bolden doing most of the work.  The drive stalls deep in Bulldog territory.  A fourth and goal situation sets up an easy field goal for the Black Bears. 

The Bulldog defense rally and manage to get a hand on the ball.  The deflection is enought to keep the Rebel Black Bears scoreless as the third quarter ends.

The fourth quarter produces more of the same.  Both team's offenses are just unable to get anything going.  MSU get a couple of key plays late in the fourth quarter that force the Rebel Black Bears to burn all of their remaining time outs. 

The Black Bears finally get the ball back with 56 seconds left and no time outs. 

Bolden is tackled for a loss.  Masoli quickly pikes the ball.  The Black Bears find themselves in a 3rd and 12 situation.  Jeremiah Masoli delivers a beautiful pass that is caught at midfield.  He quickly spikes the ball again preserving 33 seconds on the clock.  Pernell McPhee bats the next pass down...29 seconds left. 

The next pass is complete and gains another first down.  Another spike leaves 22 seconds left on the clock.  Rebel Black Bears now find themselves at midfield.  Masoli throws a bomb to the end zone but it is batted down by an MSU defender.  Brandon Bolden is chased down for a loss on the next play and the clock runs out. 

Mississippi State Wins!!! 7-0