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Wow...Who #%$@ In Their Cheerios???

As you all know, Jeremy Flint has a common practice each week.  Each week he has a Q & A with a fellow SB Nation Blogger that represents the team MSU will face next on the schedule.  Occasionally, there are some jabs thrown (both ways) but no one ever gets their feelings hurt.  After all, its all in good fun right?


Not when you're dealing with Ole Miss.  Yeah, I said their name.  It's OLE MISS.  'That School Up North' jab has obviously hurt a few feelings over there.  Our friends (at least we thought they were friends) at Red Cup Rebellion decided not to participate in this weeks Q & A because they felt that the questions were "immature, undiplomatic, and annoying"

This kind of reminds me of how an upset child picks up his toys and goes home when he feels he's been wronged by the kid he's playing with. 

Are you freaking kidding me?  RCR, this is a rivalry isn't it???  I assure you we haven't shed a single tear over here about the much awaited Hate Week you guys take such joy in splashing across the page.  Yes, I know that it's something you do weekly.  We expected it and actually I kinda enjoy it.  After all, its all in good fun, right??? 

Apparently its only in good fun when you guys say it is.  Apparently you guys are so high and mighty that you determine when it is acceptable to talk a little trash and when it is not. 

We'll just get back to milking cows and driving tractors.  You guys just get back to being stuck up jerks who are obsessed with believing we're obsessed with you.