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EGG BOWL VICTORY: Mississippi State 31, Ole Miss Rebel Black Bears 23

Bulldog faithful rejoice, we did it once again!  For the second year in a row the Mississippi State Bulldogs defeated the Ole Miss Rebel Black Bears.  Much to the dismay of Nutt, Masoli, and a few disgruntled bloggers, the Egg Bowl Trophy returns to Starkville. 

Having said all that, give those Rebel Black Bears some credit.  They put up one hell of a fight and made it a very entertaining game for anyone outside of the state of Mississippi.  Unfortunately for them, Chris Relf picked a good night to get some things going with his arm.  Relf was 13-20 for 288 yards passing.  La Darius Perkins was outstanding in both aspects on offense.  Perkins racked up 2 receiving touchdowns and almost 100 yards rushing.  Vick Ballard scored the lone rushing touchdown for state.

Pernell McPhee deserves an unofficial MVP award for his nod to the land-shark and even though Mullen seemed to scold him on the field, I'm almost certain he high-fived him in the locker room at half time.  McPhee was adorning Nick Bell's number 36 and I'm sure he smiled at the comedic display with the rest of us. 

On a sour note, Chad Bumphis left the game with a collar bone injury.  We're still waiting to find out how serious it is as it would be a huge blow if we lose him.  Leon Berry was lost earlier in the season when he broke his leg on a kick return.  Those two guys are our top receivers and it's disheartening to know that we may be going into a bowl game without either of them.  Keep your fingers crossed regarding Bumphis. 

At this point Chris Low of ESPN has the Bulldogs projected to go bowling in the Chik-fil-a Bowl.  This is a pretty likely scenario since representatives from the Chik-fil-a Bowl were present to watch State play for the fourth time in five weeks.  I'm sure they were impressed with what they saw. 

The good guys won today Bulldog fans!  It really doesn't pay to be a pompous jerk does it?