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Dan Mullen: I have not been approached

Dan Mullen appeared on Matt Wyatt's morning radio show, First Call, this morning and had this to say about speculation surrounding all the coaching vacancy's and whether he is in the mix anywhere.

"Here's what happens: One, it's a good thing for myself and it's a good thing for Mississippi State because it means we're winning. Speculation only comes when you win. But, for us right now, I think a lot of that stuff gets overblown. I've been an assistant coach for a long time, and I don't hear the speculation about what's going on and what he's going to do and all these different jobs that are supposedly being thrown your way. I only ever really got one phone call. I have not been approached by anybody at this point and my wife and I, we're very very happy here at Mississippi State."

The phone call that Mullen is referring to is the one he received from then-MSU AD Greg Byrne, who eventually lured Mullen away from Florida in 2008.

You can listen to the entire interview at the 29:15 mark of today's 2nd hour archive embedded below.