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Comments Miami Made About Mullen Are Laughable

As Flint pointed out earlier, The Miami Herald published an article about the hiring of Al Golden at the University of Miami.  In said article, a trustee from Miami takes a swipe at Dan Mullen stating that he "acts like he invented the game" of football.  The article seems to suggest that Miami was turned off by Dan Mullen's "ego" and that the 'Canes decided he wasn't there man. 

What a load of crap. 

I have to be careful here because the last thing I want to do is act like the entire Miami Hurricane nation is this delusional.  I know that is definitely not the case so I want to apologize in advance to those decent fans out there. 

Having said that...Miami, get the hell over yourself.  Your glory days are far behind you and the hiring of Al Golden is a clear testament to that.  You threw a ton of money at Jon Gruden and he wouldn't have you, Mullen wouldn't have you, Bo Pellini wouldn't have you, Chris Peterson wouldn't have you, and it is absolutely pissing some of you off.  Many believed that when you joined the ACC you'd be the leader of the conference.  It hasn't happened.  Your facilities are going down, the money isn't what it used to be, and your football program intimidates no one anymore. 

Mississippi State fans know very well how it feels to be an also-ran football team so we can call you out on it when we see it.  We don't have the history you guys have, but at this point that is all you have now...your history.  That is why a long list of big time coaches showed no interest in your program.  Don't get me wrong, I understand why that would piss you off.  It's okay to be ticked.  However, have a little class and accept it for what it is.  Don't try to get a little vengeance and talk trash about a coach who had no interest in your football program. 

There is also a ton of irony in those comments made by the trustee.  MIAMI is talking about someone having an EGO?  Are you freaking kidding me???  The "U" invented the ego.  Just for fun, I put in the words ego, Miami and Hurricanes into BING just to see what would come up.  Immediately I found an article that discusses Miami's ego.  The writer suggests that the ego of the Miami Hurricanes is both their charm and their poison.  A guy with such a huge ego, as Miami believes Dan Mullen has, would seemingly be a perfect guy to lead the Hurricanes. 

If Dan Mullen even talked to Miami (he says he didn't and I don't care either way), had he shown an ounce of interest the Hurricanes would've ripped him away from Mississippi State quicker than you can say Michael Irvin (speaking of ego).

The comments about Dan Mullen were sour grapes and nothing more.