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Gator Bowl Talk Around The Net

We've got a little bit of waiting to do before the Gator Bowl gets here.  Here's some links to some articles floating around the net.  Most of these are from Michigan's perspective:

What's that sound at football practice? Cowbells?--The Detroit News

Apparently Rich Rod respects the bell.  He's used them to prepare for the Bulldogs before and hasn't ruled out using them again.

Mississippi State: NCAA rankings-- Burgeoning Wolverine Star

This guy believes he's got Mississippi State picked apart pretty good. 

Five Names Every Michigan Fan Should Know for the Gator Bowl --

This is the Michigan Wolverine SBNation Blog which is reason enough to check this out.  The headline is pretty self explanatory.

Mississippi State happy to play U-M on New Year's Day -- Detroit Free Press

The Detroit Free Press see the Bulldogs as underdogs in this game, seem to be ticked off that their identity right now is their "history".

Ranking the bowls from 1 to 35 --

ESPN's Mark Schlabach ranks this years bowl match ups from best to worst.