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State Defeats Vandy, Will Defend Title Against Wildcats

The Bulldogs played a tough game in the semi-final round of the SEC Men's Basketball Tournament in Nashville today. They came away with the win and will face Kentucky in Sunday's SEC Championship Game to defend the title from last year.

This win was crucial for Mississippi State to make it over the bubble and secure a spot in the NCAA Tournament. A win tomorrow would definitely punch their ticket, but already the bracketologists are showing the Bulldogs as the last team in. But lets leave the bracket talk out of this for now and just take a look at some highlights from today's win.

Barry Stewart came away with 14 points and eight rebounds. Varnado had 11 points, 9 rebounds and six blocks and help hold Vandy's big man, A.J. Ogilvy to only 4 boards and no field goals. Bost and Turner kicked in 11 points each.

The Bulldogs took the lead seven minutes into the first half on an 8-point run by Turner and never looked back. The Bulldogs set the tone of the second half coming out with an 11-0 run.