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NCAA Round 1 Open Thread - Day 2

Wow, that was an exciting opening day of the NCAA. If you are like me, you were glued to the TV hoping that Villanova would pull out the win over Robert Morris. How many of you saw Ohio upsetting a terrible looking Georgetown team, or UTEP laying an egg in the second half against Butler?

As for my bracket, I only lost 2 of my Sweet Sixteen teams, so I am still in pretty good shape. Vandy and Georgetown hurt me because I had them going to the Sweet Sixteen before loosing out.

Today gives us key matchups for most everyone's bracket: Sienna v. Purdue, Temple v. Cornell, and Pitt v. Oakland. Those are the games that everyone seems to be taking changes on. 

Same as yesterday, you can keep up with the scores and watch the games On Demand via this handy pop-up player.