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North End Zone Expansion Talk

In the latest edition of Thursday Bulldog Update, a weekly update letter started by outgoing AD Greg Byrne, there is more talk of a possible expansion of the North Endzone at Scott Field.

Some concept drawings - it is too early to even call them preliminary plans - have been put on paper for a possible north end zone stadium expansion at Scott Field. MSU graduate Bob Luke of Meridian, who is also overseeing work on the university's master plan, has helped put some ideas together for a possible facility renovation there. Despite that expansion being in the very early stages, we are working now to secure lead gifts for that facility. There is little doubt that whatever we decide to do in the north end zone, that renovation will be a phased expansion project covering multiple areas over multiple years.

The current layout of Davis Wade Stadium makes a north endzone "horse shoe" a natrual expansion path. Will be great to see some of the concept drawings and the phases they plan for implementing the expansion.