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AD Search: Lee Fowler

Mississippi State is in the midst of a search for its next Athletic Director. Greg Byrne recently resigned to take a position with Arizona. Several names have been floated around, including Scott Stricklin, Whit Hughes, Joe Dean, Jr. and Lee Fowler.

Lee Fowler may be the only name not familiar to the Mississippi State family. He is currently the AD at N.C. State. He has been there for the past 10 years, leading Wolfpack athletics "through an unprecidented period of growth in both facilities and fund-raising."

At the same time, as this post from ACC Insider suggest, the fan base is ready to get rid of him after N.C. State has experienced a drought of championships in football and basketball.

State's teams currently rank 99th in the Director's Cup competition that determines the nation's best overall athletic program. Fowler's coaching hires have also been widely criticized by a long-suffering fan base anxious for a change.

Stay tuned. From the looks of things, those fans may soon finally get their wish.

Let's hope this interview is just a formality. If N.C. State is trying to push him out the door, do we want him in Starkville?