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Where I Come From: How I Became A Bulldog

My parents didn't attend college, so I didn't have a team that I was "destined" to root for or even a college I was expected to attend. But I knew I liked the Bulldogs early on. They became my team to root for and I followed them with some interest.

In high school, I started dating a girl (who eventually became my wife) who was a die-hard MSU fan (both her parents attended) and that only increased my love for the team.

Once I got to State, I truly started to bleed maroon and white. I get misty-eyed at the sound of 50,000 cowbells ringing. At the sight of Bully leading the team on the field. At the sound of Hail State being played after a great victory. My blood runs Maroon and White and will for my entire life and my immortal enemy is The School Up North.

While I may not have been born into the Bulldog family, I consider myself a full fledged member and can't wait to pass that on to my son and daughter as we make the trek to Starkville most weekends every fall for some football on the campus of Mississippi State University.

What is your Bulldog story? Share it with everyone in the comments.