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Where I Come From: My All-Time Favorite Mississippi State Team

Mississippi State has had some great teams in its history, but my all-time favorite team has to be the 1999 team. It was the year after a trip to the SEC Championship where the game was taken away from us and given to Tennessee. We went 10-2 on the season, defeated Clemson in the Peach Bowl and finished the year with a #12 ranking - the highest of any football program in Mississippi in 40 years.

That team was special and was bursting at the seams with talent. Wayne Madkin lead an offense that included Dicenzo Miller, Justin Griffith, Justin Jenkins, Donald Lee and Terrell Grindle. it was also the freshman year of Dontae Walker. Leading the way for the running game was "Pork Chop" Womack. While the offense showed some prowess, the power of this team was clearly in the defense.

On the defensive side of the ball, Joe Lee Dunn was a mastermind and rattling the opponents offense. The defense was 2 and 3 deep at just about every position. Guys like Ellis Wyms, John HIlliard, Mario Haggan, Dorsett Davis, Fred Smoot, Pig Prather, Ashley Cooper, Shawn Byrdsong, , Kenzaki I need to continue?

That season was special. The games were among the most memorable in recent history. Matt Wyatt's miracle comeback against Auburn after Madkin goes down with a finger injury. C.J. Sirmones wide open to win the Egg Bowl. The win against Clemson in the Peach Bowl. The #12 final ranking.

All-in-all, that is my favorite all-time team, and I am proud to have been there, on campus, during what many consider the "glory days" of MSU Football.

What is your all-time favorite team? Let us know in the comments.

Go Dawgs!