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Where I Come From: Most Memorable Moments

Here are some of the most memorable moments in Mississippi State football. Add yours or comment on my selections in the comments.

Alabama vs. MSU, 1980

Alabama rolled in to Jackson in the midst of a 28-game winning streak, undefeated on the season, ranked #1 and looking forward to another National Championship. When the last 2 minutes of the game rolled around, Alabama found themselves trailing Mississippi State 3-6, but they were marching down the field. On their last play of the game, Alabama quarterback Don Jacobs takes a snap, rolls to his right and is hit by MSU defender Tyrone Keys, forcing a fumble that was recovered by State's Billy Jackson. On the following play, QB John Bond actually fumbled the ball on his way to take a knee to end the game. Here is video of the last 2 minutes of that game. It's great to hear Jack Cristil's voice in such fine form as well.

It would be 16 years before the Bulldogs beat the Tide again, this time in Starkville with Jackie Sherrill coaching against Gene Stallings.

An honorable mention goes to Anthony Dixon's over-the-top TD at the 2007 Liberty Bowl, only because I was there and captured video of it from the stands. The sound of the cowbells erupting as he lept into the endzone brings tears to my eyes every time.