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Mississippi State vs Georgia: The Morning After

I didn't get to bed until almost 2. My forearms hurt and I have blisters on my hands from ringing my cowbell, and my voice is almost gone. Yeah, i would say it was definitely good night.

Probably not so much for the Georgia fans sitting next to me that kept plugging their ears.

This was definitely the best performance put on the field by our Bulldogs since the Memphis game. We were able to run our offense (and I do me RUN) efficiently. Aside from the interception thrown on that Relf-to-Perkins-back-to-Relf play, we had a solid outing on offense.

On defense, we were able to keep the big play from happening, and we it did, Georgia helped us out with penalties that negated the big play. My only gripe on defense was when we went into a prevent-type defense late in the 4th quarter and let them score a TD on us.

Anyway, all around great effort from everyone. Here is what the rest of the itnerwebs are saying about the game.

Let us start off in Georgia. Mark Richt was already on the hot seat after losing to Arkansas at home. Now there are fans calling for Mike Bobo's head after last night's "ebmarrassment" in Starkville.

Mark Richt says that the team has to "look within" to find out what has kept them from success.

Post-game comments and quotes from Mark Richt on the Mississippi State defense:

On Mississippi State’s defense: "They were blitzing a lot and out-numbering the running game and trying to pressure the quarterback. They were blitzing the quarterback a lot because he was a freshman, but they blitz a lot anyway, period. My guess is that there were a higher percentage than most of their games. At times we just called running plays blindly. We were going to run the play no matter what, and there were times where we had success and times where we got hit in the mouth."

On Mississippi State’s opening touchdown: "You’d like to get a stop and get points on the board yourself. It’s a 60-minute football game, though, so it wasn’t the difference in the ballgame. It was good for Mississippi State to build momentum, but we didn’t feel like that had a tremendous effect on the football game."

Now on to the Bulldogs. First, here is Mullen's post-game press conference:

The Clarion-Ledger says you just gotta believe after the win last night.

Arceto Clark also had a redemptive game after giving up a pass for an interception against LSU.

We are on the road back to Birmingham this morning and will try to get some stuff together this week leading up to the Alcorn State game. All during the post-game interviews, Mullen stressed on making Alcorn State the 7th straight sell-out at Davis Wade, and obvious nod to the combination of a non-conference opponent and an early game time (11 am).

Go Dawgs!