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Cecil Newton Pretty Much Gave The NCAA and Auburn The Finger Monday Night

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Shortly before the national championship game, Auburn AD Jay Jacobs told reporters that the university and Cecil Newton reached a mutual agreement for him not to attend the game.  This agreement was apparently made in respect to Cecil's son, Cameron Newton, as both parties believed Cecil would only be a distraction for Cam.  The television broadcast team even made a reference to Cecil's absence and panned a camera in on Jackie Newton, Cam's mother. 

So why was Cecil spotted embracing Cam on the field after the game?  Some see this as a blatant act of defiance that could even lead to Auburn having their title stripped away.  I'm not sure I'd go that far with it, but it sure tells me a lot about Cecil Newton's character.  Jay Jacobs and the Auburn University can't be happy about it.  Newton pretty much thumbed his nose at the NCAA, Mike Slive, and the Auburn Tigers in one swoop. 

After the NCAA stated late in the season that they had concluded Cecil Newton did attempt to pimp his son out to Mississippi State, Auburn and the NCAA mutually agreed that it would be wise to distance their institution from him.  Newton apparently went along with their request right up until Monday night's championship game, and who can blame him?  Cameron Newton is almost certainly headed to the NFL and most likely has played his last game as an Auburn Tiger. 

Cam was questioned about the father-son embrace after the game by a reporter but was silenced by an Auburn official before he got an opportunity to answer.  Obviously they were very uncomfortable with the situation and probably felt a hint of betrayal.   

Cecil Newton showed Monday night just how much he appreciated the enormous amount of support that the Auburn University and it's fans have shown for his son.  He showed his true colors and in the process he publicly embarrassed them.